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If I receive the Newsletter am I a subscriber?

Not necessarily. It is possible to sign up for the Preaching Today e-newsletter without being a subscriber of the site. The majority of the content found in the newsletter can only be accessed by our paying subscribers. Click here to view all of our free illustrations, sermons, articles, and videos. (To get to this area of the site, go to the homepage. Under the tab titled "Store," click on "Free Samples.") Also, each week we feature a free illustration in our newest collection of illustrations. To receive our free illustrations on a regular basis, sign up for the Preaching Today email newsletter. To the right of the rotating images on any page is a white box with options to sign up for the newsletter, receive an RSS feed for the site, and links to social media options related to By default, this box first highlights an invitation to sign up for the Preaching Today newsletter. Simply type in your email address, full name, and zip code, and you'll receive the newsletter each week. When you receive the newsletter, we also encourage you to read carefully for any notes concerning additional material that is available for free that week.

If you need to ask a Customer Care representative whether you are a subscriber or not you can click here for contact information or go here for pricing and sign-up information.

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