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6 Apps for Sermon Preparation

Using good technological tools and resources for effective preaching.

6 Apps for Sermon Preparation

If you are the primary preaching pastor, the labor of weekly preaching ministry can sometimes be a grind. Preaching the Word of God is a heavy weight and responsibility, that no one should take lightly. Sermon preparation takes a tremendous amount of time, mental dexterity, prayerful dependence, and hard work. Preaching is the pastor's top weekly priority, and the pastor should always grow in their effectiveness in their labor. Part of effective preaching is utilizing good tools and resources. As the primary preaching pastor myself, here are some tools I've found that have helped me greatly in my preaching ministry.

1. Day One

Sermon preparation is birthed out of your own spiritual walk with the Lord. One of the best ways to chronicle your own spiritual journey is to keep a journal. Day One is the best application on the market for journaling. In your daily times with the Lord chronicle what the Spirit teaches you from the Scriptures. As you pray and meditate through writing, you ...

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John Davis

November 23, 2017  8:02am

Good article with helpful information.

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April 24, 2017  8:36pm

I recommend Logos for study, Evernote for notes, Libib for my library, and omni-focus to stay on top of tasks (the free Trello and Wunderlist are great options too).

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April 24, 2017  2:30pm

I use Logos on my Android phone. Great to have my entire digital library in my pocket. I don't use Microsoft word anymore. Google Docs works better because I can write down my thoughts on the go. I also have the Bible App to compare different bible translations. I don't have tablet, but my mobile has 5.5" screen, big enough to use these apps comfortablely.

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April 24, 2017  12:20pm

As one who is not drinking the "apple" koolaid...i'll stick to the last two non-apple tools i suppose.

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Erik Samborski

April 24, 2017  10:35am

I use mindmapping software to prep for sermons. Xmind is a great program but does not currently have an android app. I have been uusing the pro version of Simplemind for android with great success and help. I construct my sermons on it and preach from my tablet using this program. It is a great visual way to organize your sermon by dragging and dropping thoughts and ideas into their proper heading and sequence.

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