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Preaching Today's 2016 Book Awards

Our picks for the books and commentaries that are helpful to pastors.

Average Rating:  [see ratings/reviews]Preaching Today's 2016 Book Awards

Editor's Note: After a three-year hiatus, we've brought back Preaching Today's Book Awards! These are books or commentaries that have come out in 2015, that we believe should be on your shelf for reading in 2016 (if you haven't read them already). We surveyed many of our contributors and you can see their favorites below, but we, as the editors of Preaching Today, have also included a few books that have come across our desks this year that we really liked.


Contributor's Choice:

Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism (Viking, 2015), by Tim Keller

Robert Smith Jr. - This book is not a textbook dealing with the how (methodology) of preaching; rather it is a book on the what of preaching. (It deals with the rationale of preaching without specifically addressing the methodology of preaching.) It is an extract and/or a distillation of what Tim Keller does in New York City Sunday after Sunday.

Scott Wenig - See LJ's review

Jeffrey Arthurs - Tim Keller is one of the most widely read practical theologians in the church today. This book, more of a manifesto than a manual, is brilliant in it synthesis and the result is a fresh and stirring approach to preaching.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez - More than ever, in the midst of unprecedented darkness, the preaching of the gospel serves as the primary declaratory medium by which the light of truth shines. For that matter, the hope of the world lies in Christ-centered Bible-based effective preaching. The gospel preacher may be, according to some, a dying breed, but in reality it behooves us to be equipped for this may very well be our finest hour.

Daniel Fusco - Keller is a genius in communicating the gospel in a post-Christian context. His thoughts are both deeply rooted in historical preaching and conversant with the contemporary culture. His goal is to preach Christ and the Scriptures in a way that culture can understand. I highly recommend this book.

Mark Meynell - A masterly overview and such a gift to the church that will undoubtedly be a standard for many years to come.

Ryan Welsh - It's no surprise that I enjoyed yet another Tim Keller book. Keller addresses topics that every faithful preacher must deal with. From the hermeneutical task of a Christ-Centered biblical interpretation to the homiletical task of effective communication to our current culture. This book covers the spectrum of practicality for Bible preachers. I have made this book required reading in my preaching courses.

Editor's Choice:

A Vision for Preaching: Understanding the Heart of Pastoral Ministry (Baker Academic, 2015), by Abraham Kuruvilla

Dr. Kuruvilla's "vision for preaching" is what kept me reading this book. I am going to give you his vision and challenge you to read it. Dr. Kuruvilla's vision is, "Biblical preaching, by a leader of the church, in a gathering of Christians for worship is the communication of the thrust of a pericope of Scripture discerned by theological exegesis, and of its application to that specific body of believers, that they may be conformed to the image of Christ, for the glory of God—all in the power of the Spirit." He ends each chapter with a "Reflection" which helps the reader better understand what he was explaining and become a better biblical pastor.

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Matt Woodley:

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April 28, 2017  5:07am

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Edmond Sanganyado

January 06, 2016  5:41pm

I have read all the mentioned books and enjoyed them. Keller's words in Preaching revolutionized how I blogged. The book that totally changed my perception on preaching and left a lasting impact is Greg R. Scharf's Let The Earth Hear His Voice. I admired how he emphasized importance of message and method in speaking with clarity.

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Dr. J. Kevin Livingston

January 01, 2016  6:54pm

The choices you have made are solid, but I think it only fair that there be an acknowledgment of Will Willimon's "How Odd of God: Chosen for the Curious Vocation of Preaching" (Westminster John Knox) somewhere in your list. This new book is vintage Willimon - stimulating, provocative, funny and challenging all at the same time. It will stretch your mind and enlarge your heart for the mysterious, glorious task of preaching the Word of God.

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