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Making the Most of Your Computer

I can't imagine preaching without my electronic research assistant and sermon coach

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Our culture has become tied to technology so that computers play a serious and ever-increasing role in my ministry, especially in my preaching.

I can hear the skeptics: "God won't send his anointing through a Pentium processor." Something so blatantly material seems unspiritual. If I become too consumed with my PowerPoint, might I miss God's power?

Yes, it's true. Computers can impoverish my soul while improving my image. I must remind myself: new software will not help me preach with greater power or stronger conviction. Electronic wizardry cannot replace spiritual gifts. Microsoft does not open the windows of heaven. In short, computers cannot substitute for ministry basics—a heart for God, spiritual disciplines, personal and professional integrity, and diligent study.

However, despite the hazards, I remain committed to using technology in ministry. Computers have done two things for my sermons: (1) improved my study and preparation methods, and (2) polished my delivery techniques. ...

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