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Links That Illustrate: December 31, 2012

Links that Illustrate represent the best "preachable" stories that the web has to offer, served up fresh and ready for you to help yourself. How would you preach these news items?

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Christmas Day is past, but many kids probably didn't find this under their tree: "A 'dad' is tenth most popular Christmas list request for children."

One of the most moving stories of WW1: "The Story of the Christmas Truce."

This woman's stored Hallowe'en decorations hid an unexpected story of oppression. Puts our holidays in perspective.

Grand news, everyone! 77% of Americans are Christian! Another opportunity from Gallup to consider what "Christian" means.

Did you know that the 10th president of the United States still has living grandchildren? It's an old article, but an interesting look at time and human generations

And speaking of age, here is the story of the oldest edible cheese in the world. It sounds delicious, and shows that many things of quality just get better with time.

This is not the adoption that the Apostle Paul talks about. U.S. mother tries to "return" her adopted son to Russia … with nothing but a plane ticket and an explanatory note.

The Christmas season (and "The Hobbit" film hype) is a great time to talk about fads. This vintage video reminds us that while some things are perennial (the popularity of a great story), others most certainly fade. Like this: Leonard Nimoy singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins." Hobbits, unite!

A fantastic article from Slate predicts that we're all leaning a bit Amish. Why? Read it.

As we continue to celebrate the coming of Christ, this piece from CT's David Neff hits the nail on the head: "Misreading the Magnificat." Why don't we repeat scripture's sharp critique of the rich?

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