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August 12, 2011  5:56am

God works in mysterious was. His ways are higher than ours,His thoughts are different from ours. That is why He acted on this sermon in very mysterious ways

Nerina Smith

June 30, 2011  10:50am

This was a divine appointment, reading this article. My father is 83 yrs old and was diagnoseged with Alzheimer.I am the only daughter, my brother hearing impaired with no secure income.TI had to get a nurse, caring after him day and nite, which cost me quite a lot. Further on, my business are feeling the economic recession badly.The only choice was to take him in at my house, cutting some expenses,and renting out his 'condo'. But, all of this had a price.I have my own women's ministry, traveling through the countryside and minister to the under-privileged women of SA and Africa. With him staying with us, I lost about 3 hours per day free time which I used to prepare sermons and having 'me' time.I'm house bounded. Going to my business, church and doing my ministry is my only time out of house. This made me quite depressed.Your article gave me hope - by His grace I will survive!! Thank you.

Michael Heath

April 27, 2011  11:27am

Great truth and wonderful insight. As a Christian, I have learned life is not about me. Ministry is not about me. Preaching is not about me. Ministry, preaching, and everything else in life is about God. When I live that way, God manifests His power in my life in ways I cannot fathom. Wonderful truth from a wonderful man of God.

Victor Haynes

March 07, 2011  2:46pm

How true Stott's concluding words are! I find great encouragement in the fact that the Holy Spirit makes the word of God powerful. The power to save is never found in the persuasion or the dynamic character of the messenger; it is always found in the power and demonstration of the Spirit of God.

Roger Steer

March 07, 2011  10:32am

I have told the full story of John Stott's mission to Australia in chapter 11 of my book "Basic Christian: The Inside Story of John Stott"

Displaying 1–5 of 5 comments.

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