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How the text can form the sermon

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December 05, 2012  9:38am

Amen, very inspiring article. My heart cry is for The Lord to cause my heart to love more deeply. Forgive more readily and to deepen my awareness of His mercy for other. We as the body has to be a safe place of healing and not condemnation.

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Paulson Pulikottil

January 05, 2012  1:14am

I am trained on the three-point structure, but have always questioned it. Now, I have a rational and practical explanation why this three-point neatly outlined stuff doesn't work. Thanks for the clarity!

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Kelly Taylor

August 30, 2011  6:44am

Great article, although I have been helped and blessed by Charles Stanley and John MacArthur Jr., they are both guilty of primarily using one sermon form; Stanley has a list of points on any and every passage and MacArthur preaches everything as if it were a New Testament epistle. It never hurts to learn how to preach from Jesus; example.

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Marcos Pazymino

November 16, 2010  8:32am

As a new pastor, I gained new insights by reading Dr. Robinson's article. I intend to follow his advice.

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Jimmy Orr

November 15, 2010  2:32pm

Although it would have made this article prohibitively long, it would have been more helpful if Dr. Robinson had given sermonic examples (or at least excerpts) of the suggestions he makes in the article.

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Displaying 1–5 of 5 comments.

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