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Why I Gave Up Sermon Application

Much of Scripture is meant to be enjoyed, not applied.

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January 08, 2018  10:34am

So, bravo to the writer, for he made a great observation about Law and Gospel. However, Scripture is not a matter of enjoyment but a matter of believing. It is God-given, just as faith is God-given. Both are driven by the Holy Spirit. Believing God and trusting in his promises, we will find joy. Even the tough and unbearable parts of Scripture will bring joy for the Christian, for the Christian knows that God is a refuge for all who believe.

Derrick Lamar Smith

January 08, 2018  10:29am

Very timely and speaks clearly to the lack of Christ-centered preaching that is heard in many of our pulpits and not heard at all on most of the preaching we see on Television!


January 08, 2018  10:12am

Sermons proclaims our salvation through Jesus Christ and are not how to or ought to lectures. If a sermon addresses a shortcoming or specific sin let the Scripture also speak of God's desire to save. IOW, David was an adulterer. The sermon could go all over the place with various observations. But at the end, the preacher must focus on God who redeems David, using Nathan who convicts David of sin BUT ALSO absolves him of sin and guilt and shame. The king is not cast away from God, because he believes God's promise of forgiveness, and the is a matter of God given faith. Jesus died for the sins of his ancestor David. Isn't that awesome? If the Gospel is not shared, we have not done our job. And NEVER assume that everyone knows the Gospel of a passage: The Gospel ASSUMED is the Gospel DENIED. Bring Jesus home. If it isn't about Jesus then just wish the people well and send them home; don't waste their time lecturing. Law condemns and kills. Jesus = God saves his people from their sin.

Displaying 16–18 of 18 comments.

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