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Recreating the Dynamics of the Text

Shape your sermon around what the text is trying to do, not just what it's trying to say.

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Tiffany L

October 13, 2017  6:16am

WOW! I didn't see any of the wonder in the text at first, I saw what you saw. I would love more articles like this. Not only is it helpful for preaching, it's helpful for simply being a child of God. THANK YOU!!!


October 12, 2017  9:19am

Beautiful. appreciate the transparency, brother.

Robert K.

October 09, 2017  8:59pm

Thanks Mark for the helpful reminders ... to be wary of making the sermon sound wooden, to connect well with the audience and help them connect with people in the ancient times, and to issue the call for action.

Jim S

October 09, 2017  3:14pm

This is rich! One of those messages you copy and keep so you can pass it on to others. May God help us make His Word come alive in the minds and hearts of HIs people.

Dave M

October 09, 2017  11:45am

As a primarily right-brained, artistic pastor who loves music and drama, I thrill to read this, and I thank you for sharing it! At the same time, there are primarily left-brained people for whom I'm guessing such an approach might not be nearly as meaningful. Still, the main point is well taken. Such are the challenges of preaching, aren't they?

Displaying 1–5 of 8 comments.

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