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Preaching in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Four practices to help us stay connected to the power of the Holy Spirit throughout the sermon process.

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Timi Olatunji

August 16, 2017  6:36pm

Thank you Daniel Fusco for the well-caved and precise write up. It is very contemporary and absorbable. I have desiring Improving myself along these lines. Thank you sir. So grateful.


July 27, 2017  8:08pm

So deliberate and real. Like a puzzle, you see the picture on the box, you have all the pieces. Once you place the borders in line, organize,and place each one until the last piece is in place, shebang! All see the real picture, the Truth that God gave us. His tools are precise. The Word, power of prayer to drench,and the Holy Spirit to deliver. Amen. Such a great article of to enhance others.

Walter Santos

July 26, 2017  2:41pm

DF knows what he's saying he knows how to reach this generation with God's powerful Word.

Anton Joubert

July 25, 2017  8:48am

My apologies for the typo - I meant to type uncompromising TRUTH

Anton Joubert

July 25, 2017  8:44am

Thanks you have blessed me. Compromised Truth

Glennis Rogerson

July 24, 2017  10:35am

I loved this the words are so true but makes one think. I wish someone would provide a course on how to write the prayers of Intercession, welcoming prayers and also offertory prayers. I really need that tuition. I can find books of prayers but not how to write them. I get into a fearful muddle.

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