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Rick McGinniss

November 17, 2015  5:30am

Great article - lots to think about and rejoice over!

J.T. Haney

November 16, 2015  4:36pm

Lee, to add a bit of historical spice, so to speak, perhaps you might read Revelation of the Magi as translated by Brent Landau. A truly fascinating test. There are those who may scream "Heretic, Heretic" at you if you so much as mention it strictly because it is not from the Bible. But I will tell you that it is one of the most interesting of the many, many books my voracious mind has delved into. God's peace to you and yours!!

Warren Charlton

November 14, 2015  6:10pm

Lee: You are always thought provoking but heart warming with a taste of reality that wakes me up. I am too much into my study of 1 Thessalonians to have thought of Christmas, but now, thanks to you, the stomach juices have begun to flow. However, to his throne I go again for his grace to help me in time of need. And when do never not need his grace. Blessings of the Lord at this Season!

Displaying 1–3 of 3 comments.

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