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Taking the Pressure Out of Sermon Prep

A longer preparation window reduces anxiety, fosters creativity, and makes us more attentive to the Holy Spirit.

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October 29, 2015  5:33pm

So helpful! Thanks for the tips here Ken!

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David Dwight

October 28, 2015  4:41pm

Thanks Ken. Longer runway definitely helps. Allowing myself the freedom to develop a style that works well for me has helped me a lot. There are lots of voices that say "how" you should do this - but we're each wired differently, process differently, think differently. Allowing myself the freedom to accept this about myself has been a liberating factor. I keep several legal pads going and they are staggered chronologically from their "go date." I start a pad several weeks in advance with general thoughts which get my mind and heart around it - then fill it further as I get closer. Each pad (sermon) follows a similar progression. This removes the "crunch" significantly. Thanks for sharing your learnings with us.

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Josh Moody

October 28, 2015  4:09pm

More great insights, Ken. Based on past conversations with you, I have tried to implement this "longer runway" for my preaching prep here on Long Island. During the seasons when I have been in this flow, I have reaped the benefits that you describe. However, I occasionally (such as the last few weeks) find myself thrown off the routine by some unexpected event that takes up a huge chunk of time, and I find myself back to getting ready last-minute. Perhaps you (or someone else who maintains this healthy rhythm) could speak, in a future article, to how you get back on track when life events throw off your routine. I would much appreciate it!

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October 27, 2015  7:26pm

Thanks Ken. I will use this soon with a class I'm teaching on creativity.

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Ian Trigg

October 27, 2015  6:04pm

I wish the calendar had a metric system approach to it ... where Sundays would only come once ever ten days! Thanks Ken for this good reminder of the importance of planning and studying ahead. I too struggle to be ahead of the game but I was reading this great book, "God in My Everything" last week and was gaining ideas from it for my message next weekend and it was a very liberating concept!! Anything that helps us better serve Jesus and our people in our teaching and preaching is much appreciated - like this article.

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Displaying 11–15 of 22 comments.

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