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R-Rated: Preaching the HARD Texts of the Bible

4 tips to preaching the challenging parts of God's Word.

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thomas cohoon

July 24, 2015  7:17pm

Good thoughts on an avoided passage.

Ruth Cannon

July 22, 2015  5:51pm

Excellent points, thanks for the motivation!!! Preach it Fusco!!!

Stephen Pierce

July 22, 2015  5:41pm

Great Advice!

Rev. David L. Hatton, RN

July 20, 2015  4:06pm

What's really tough is when false cultural assumptions held sacred by the church need Scriptural correction. Routinely seeing female nakedness in hospital work as a bivocational pastor\RN sent me back to find if Scripture validated the lack of sexual stimulation I experienced with normal, nonsexual nudity. To my surprise, I discovered that we've been reading Victorian prudery back into the Bible (eisegesis). In biblical and early church history, the shame of nakedness (literal or metaphorical) was the shame of having clothing removed by poverty or coercion. Our modern eisegesis led to redefining biblical "modesty" from "displaying humility" to "hiding skin." Even worse, the church's "sex-focus" promoted a "pornographic" view of the body as a sure foundation for a porn-addicted society. The fallout from this false allegiance is that, at the sight of nudity, we exclaim, "Sex!" rather than, "Wow! The fearfully-and-wonderfully-made temple of the Holy Spirit!" Sexually objectifying the holy, gender-distinctive body language designed by God has led to a pornified, promiscuous, gender-confused culture where human sex-trafficking is rife and adequate Christian sex education is rare. Instead of worrying about how hard it would be to preach prophetically against the modern porno-prudery of God's people, we need to tremble at the prospect of the Lord's "Why did you corrupt the naked embodiment of My image?" (

Greg Hollifield

July 20, 2015  2:37pm

Great advice! Thanks, Daniel.

Displaying 1–5 of 5 comments.

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