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How to Bake a Good Sermon

5 ingredients for a biblically substantive and culturally relevant sermon.

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Laura Shurson

January 22, 2016  12:03pm

Thank God for this practical and blessed snippet on preaching. Loved it!

Pastor john tronconi

June 26, 2015  9:10am

Good advice I will try this using one page to is good. I like to tell a story sometimes because I can relate the sermon better than for your idears.


June 18, 2015  11:04am

Thanks so much for this. I have been preaching every week for more than a decade (Glory to God) and I started thinking of growth... doing it better and i found myself here thru Google (thank God for Google!). I like the four points you have given exegetical information, Illustriative, Theological reflections and Practical applications. Thanks Lenny!

Scott M

June 16, 2015  8:54am

Good stuff Lenny


June 15, 2015  9:40am

Really like these four kind of sermons. Just yesterday, as I made a presentation for my agency, The Pastor had the second sermon on a two part series, "Who is Jesus" He "covered" the 7 I Am in the Gospel of John. It was certainly "biblically shallow". What Lenny says about hit the bull's eye is very important. So often preachers have no bull's eye or several.

Displaying 1–5 of 8 comments.

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