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Make Easter Come Alive

Let's not lose the urgency of the message of Easter.

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Thomas Milligan

April 03, 2015  10:45am

An encouraging article. Thank you

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Brenden Bridges

March 18, 2015  5:29am

Thank you! This puts it all in perspective.

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Philip Humber

March 16, 2015  5:56pm

Good article. Thanks for helping me get mentally ready for a Great Day!

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Likhwa Adam Jele Khumbuza

March 12, 2015  3:53am

You are right to the point.Surely Easter should not be an event but the life of a believer, this should be preached to everybody everwhere so that many shall believe and live.

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Dan Steadman

March 09, 2015  5:26pm

Thanx Dan. God reminder of why we're here, and what to do about it.

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Dave Rolph

March 09, 2015  10:30am

Refreshing reminders of the Easter Sunday opportunity for pastors! Daniel got me pumped up for Easter!

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