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Step 8: Deliver and Evaluate

How to deliver your sermon so your people encounter Christ and evaluate it so you keep growing as a preacher.

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February 11, 2015  2:12am


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Matt Wolf

January 07, 2015  3:52pm

Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom! We can be our harshest critics, but I will do whatever is necessary to honor God and effectively communicate His Word to the congregation.

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Rev. Austin Miles

January 06, 2015  10:26pm

Thank you so very much Rev. York for some valuable teaching. Your work is very much appreciated. Blessings. Rev. Austin Miles

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January 05, 2015  2:13pm

Great article! I recently read a similar article on the great speakers of our time, like Steve Jobs, etc. The point of the article was that none of them were naturally gifted speakers--they ALL had to work at it to become as good as they are/were. I think preachers need to do the same. Practice. Practice. Practice. Great advice and thanks for the article.

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January 05, 2015  1:36pm

any evaluation should done by members of the congregation. Most people have perhaps not all the skills. Our Pastor (evangelical Baptist Church) stated yesterday " the Bible contains the Word of God." I have a huntch I was the only who realized what he actually said

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Displaying 1–5 of 6 comments.

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