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God Chose What Is Weak

God surprises the world by displaying his power through weak people.

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I. God hides his power in weak people.

II. God hides his power in weak preaching.


Kevin A. Miller is the Executive Director of Ministry Advancement at Christianity Today and senior pastor at Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois.

Kevin Miller:

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Richard Cameron

January 26, 2017  9:12am

Very helpful sermon. Engaging. Thoughtful. Biblical. Encouraging.

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James Chin

February 08, 2016  6:30pm

I like the illustrations used

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William Sillings

May 16, 2011  3:00pm

Well ordered, well communicated. Not exactly expository in nature, but sermon communicates WELL, and would likely be an "easy-to-listen-to," though perhaps "hard-to-hear" message. The obedience called for could solve culture problems in many evangelical churches, I think.

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