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How Do We Handle Dangerous People?

Jesus creates the way so that when God destroys evil he doesn't have to destroy you.

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Text: Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43
Topic: How to handle people who are malicious and vile


  • Illustration: A car salesman can't trust his coworkers not to steal his commissions.
  • Some of the people around you at work cannot be trusted. In fact, they are dangerous.
  • Or maybe the dangerous people in your life aren't at work but in your family.
    • Illustration: In the movie Waitress, the husband character, Earl, rages, loses his temper, is jealous, controlling, and violent.
  • Or the dangerous people may be in your neighborhood.
    • Illustration: Ben Kwashi, the Anglican bishop of Jos, Nigeria, has suffered from Islamic mobs that beat his family and threatened to kill him.

How do we handle dangerous people?

  • A painful reality of life is that we share this planet with some people who are malicious, cruel, and vile.
  • So we have to answer the question, "How do we handle dangerous people?"
  • We wonder: Why are there evil and dangerous people in the world? Why doesn't God just get rid of them? How are we supposed to handle them?
  • Jesus once told a short farming story that seems so simple. But in this little story he gives some surprising answers to these questions.
  • Jesus answers these questions in the parable of the farmer in Matthew 13.
  • When Jesus talks about weeds here, he's not talking about some harmless little dandelion. He's talking about a type of rye grass that has poisonous seeds. It may look like wheat, but it will make your family sick.
  • This story has two big points.

At the end of time, Jesus will remove from this world everything that causes sin and all who do evil.

  • The words here for "everything that causes sin" and "all who do evil" don't refer to people who drive 63 in a 55-mph zone.

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Marla Abe

November 08, 2010  10:33am

This is full of truth that I have personally experienced. God takes care of justice, I take care of my faithfulness.

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