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News That Illustrates: February 4, 2013

Celebrity Liars and Fakers: Do You Care?
A USA Today story asks, "Is anything for real these days?" It's getting tougher to tell of our celebrities and superstars are shooting straight with us. Lance Armstrong lied and cheated. Manti Te'o is a liar (although Manti told Katie Couric, "I wasn't as forthcoming, but I didn't lie"). Beyoncé was apparently (maybe?) lip synching at President Obama's inauguration. In December, Dave Hester, a paid star bidder on A&E's Storage Wars sued the network and producers, claiming that "Nearly every aspect of the series is faked." No wonder the article notes, "From sports heroes to superstar performers to reality TV, we're deluged by deception."

PREACHING ANGLES: Honesty; Integrity

Facebook and the 'Envy Spiral' Adam Graber, who blogs at the second eclectic, posted a preachable ...

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