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News That Illustrates: February 20, 2012

Have You Heard About Linsanity?

Here's the most incredible feel-good story of the year. Jeremy Lin, an Asian-American pro basketball player from Harvard who was undrafted and cut twice from NBA teams, has been taking the pro sports world by storm. He's also a committed Christian who exudes humility and Christlike goodness. Last night (February 15th) he hit a three-pointer with one second left to give the New York Knicks another victory. A week earlier, Lin showed up Kobe Bryant and the Lakers as he scored 38 points. New York sports fans call it Linsanity. Meanwhile, Lin goes on national TV and quietly thanks "Jesus Christ, my Lord and savior for giving me this opportunity." In a 2010 interview Lin said,"I’m not working hard and practicing day in and day out so that I can please other people. My audience is God. ... The right way to play is not for others and not for myself, but for God." Yep, sounds just like Tim Tebow (although Lin has his own style and personality). Even basketball great ...

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