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News That Illustrates: February 6, 2012

Trash Talking—Political Campaigns or the Super Bowl? Where would you hear more trash talking—the current presidential campaign or Super Bowl XLVI? According to two recent news articles, trash talking is rampant in the current Republican presidential campaign but almost non-existent among the Patriots and the Giants. During the recent Florida Republican primary a staggering 92 percent of the political ads run have been classified as negative attack ads. In contrast, according to the article about the upcoming Super Bowl, the Patriots and the Giants don't have negative things to say about each other. "Bill Belichick [the Patriots' coach] and Tom Coughlin [the Giants' coach] are long-time friends who share the same old-school philosophy when it comes to saying anything about the opposition." A Patriots player summed up their coach's philosophy like this: "Do what's right, put the team first. You're not going to jeopardize what we ...

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