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News That Illustrates: December 31, 2012

What if Adam Lanza Had a Friend? In the wake of the Newton school shootings, our country must grapple with many complex questions about violence, gun control, school safety, and mental illness. But Patrick J. Mahoney also asks, "What would have happened if one Christian had reached out in love to Adam Lanza [the shooter] and befriended him?" Mahoney notes that all the media reports say Adam had no friends. Instead, "he lived in a vacuum with his own personal demons and fears." So Mahoney ponders: "Think of how history might have looked if the Christian community had passionately followed the teachings of Christ in reaching out to the most needy and broken in our society …. Think if there was someone to pray with Adam …. Someone to make him feel he had dignity and worth and that God loved him. The greatest 'firewall' against violence, injustice, and suffering in our society ...

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