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Europol Sends Postcards to Most-Wanted Criminals

Summer: a perfect time to send postcards, right? Apparently Europol, the European law enforcement agency, thinks so. They've been publishing "postcards" ...

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4th Grader Applies for NASA Position

When NASA posted a job opening recently for a "Planetary Protection Officer," a position responsible for the microbial footprint of humans during interplanetary ...

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Polar Explorer Dies, Deceived By False Map

In 1879 Lieutenant George De Long set out with a crew on the USS Jeannette in hopes of claiming the North Pole for the United States. De Long's plans ...

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Millennials Are Choosing Pizza, Push-Ups, and Video Games Over Church

The New York Post recently stated, "Millennials Are Choosing Pizza, Push-Ups and Video Games Over Church." The article quoted a NYU professor who said, ...

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Pro Basketball's Greatest Failure

He's been called the biggest bust in the history of the NBA. Darko Milicic, a largely unknown player from Serbia, was chosen second in the 2003 NBA Draft—right ...

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